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MEEST-America, Inc.

Meest - America is a US corporation that provides delivery services of small boxes, any size cargo and full container loads form the USA to Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgizstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia.
Meest-America, Inc. was opened in 1995 in the state of New Jersey (20 minutes from New York city)
It has its related companies in Ukraine: Rosan and MIST-Express. We have a network of warehouses and offices in Ukraine and Russia. We provide a full range of delivery services: small boxes, large volume cargo and full container loads. The company has its own broker's firm - ROSAN Global in Ukraine. We provide shipping, tracking, documentaion and customs clearance services.

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Country: Ukraine
City: Linden
Address: Meest- America 609 Commerce Road Linden, NJ 07036
Phone: + 380 (908) 47-411-00
Fax: + 380 (908) 474-9280
URL address: http://meest.us
Contact person: Natalia Brandafi
Position: Coporate Director

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